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Teaching and Training Practice

We are both a teaching and training practice. We are also an Armed Forces Veteran Friendly Accredited GP Practice.

At least one senior GP (Dr Green, Dr Morris, Dr Facey, Dr Panesar, Dr Sahdev) is present during all working hours to supervise more junior colleagues, if required. We are both a teaching and training practice.

Medical Students

We currently take students for 3 – 8 weeks from Warwick Medical School, Imperial College London and Oxford. They may be observing with a health professional or gaining valuable experience in history taking. Medical students are always fully supervised and our patients can of course decline their presence during a consultation, if wished. Specific medical student appointments are available to book. Patients will be informed and given the choice when being offered an appointment.

Foundation Doctors

4 month placements with the practice – fully qualified doctors with 1 year hospital experience.

GP Registrars

6 – 12 month placements with the practice – fully qualified doctors with 3-4 years hospital/community experience, undergoing speciality GP training.


We would like to inform our patients that as a practice we are participating in Clinical Research (CPRD). This has been approved by our CCG who represent 33 South Warwickshire practices.

Leaflets are available in the main waiting room area.

Anonymised data is taken from our clinical system and enables investigations varying from side effects of medicines to investigating causes of disease and looking into the outcome of treatments. All data collected is coded data and no identifiable information such as names, addresses or NHS numbers is collected.

Over 20 years CPRD has collected data to been used to define the important clinical features of bladder cancer in primary care, leading to new approaches to early diagnosis, in cardiovascular disease research CPRD has highlighted the risks associated with blood pressure management in diabetic patients and in the field of Alzheimer’s disease CPRD tested the hypothesis certain blocking drugs might have a protective effect on the risk of dementia.

If you do not wish your data to be extracted please let us know and we can place code(s) on your records to:-

  • Dissent from secondary use of General Practitioner patient identifiable data.
  • Dissent from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre.