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Dementia and Mental Health Awareness

As a practice, we have worked towards and achieved Dementia Action Alliance status. We submit 6 monthly updates on changes implemented or adopted by the practice. Our Head Receptionist completed a charity walk in aid of Dementia Awareness and the entire Reception team has completed a training session with a speaker from Dementia Awareness to highlight issues and to assist our patients. In the last year we have created a Dementia Awareness notice board (located by the downstairs lift) offering information and leaflets for our patients and those who care for our patients.

Support for people with Dementia and their carers in Warwickshire

All of our registered Dementia patients are allocated longer routine appointments with the GP to ensure enough time and care given.  All patients receive an annual assessment appointment with a GP.  Patients who are carer’s of a dementia patient also receive an annual review with a GP.

Mental Health Awareness

We have created two new notice boards, one in the main waiting room downstairs and one on the first floor landing.  Available to our patients are leaflets to take away on subjects including Health Anxiety, Panic, Bereavement, Depression and Sleeping Problems.  We have included leaflets for IAPT and contact information for Warwickshire Struggling to cope.